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Winning by design

While you were busy recruiting the country’s best athletes and performers, JLG was recruiting the country’s most sought-after sports-focused and entertainment architects. We’ve assembled a dream team of world-class visionaries that will take the lead with a collaborative design process, driven by the industry’s most advanced building and design technologies. When it’s time to define your vision for an athletic and entertainment destination – JLG’s Sports studio will be warmed up and ready to get in the game.

The expectations of athletes and fans have never been greater. Adaptable architecture and cruise worthy concourses aren’t enough to win the day. Backstage, athletes, coaches, and entertainers want first-class pampering with premium lounges, training rooms, hydration and nutrition stations, media centers, and other amenities that enhance their performance. JLG keeps our head in the game, setting the pace for next season and building a future-ready foundation that will level the recruitment field.

Areas of expertise

Stadiums, multi-use complexes, athletic fields, and fitness centers for competitive and intramural events.

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Exercise, training, nutrition, hydration, and performance improvement spaces.

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Hotels, suites, lounges, lobbies, clubs, media rooms, and press areas.

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Basketball, hockey, concert, and other indoor events.

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All field sports including baseball, soccer, football fields, and track.

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Tom Betti
Principal, Sports Studio

Treating athletes and fans like superstars

JLG creates elevated spaces that treat everyone like a first-round draft pick. See how our work sparks fan passion, athletic commitment, and the thrill of the sport.

The latest in sports architecture

The game changes fast but JLG sets the pace. We’ll keep you posted on the latest venue trends, ideas, and innovations to attract audiences, support athletes, and wow the community.

Did you know Sacred Heart University’s Martire Family Arena features entire walls of windows that can self-darken to eliminate the glare on the ice? The…
JLG Architects designed a state-of-the-art space with the Ed Robson Arena for Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the fall of 2021, Colorado College (CC)…
From the training tables to the hot and cold pools and underwater treadmill, Dave Starman and Shireen Saski show you the features that keep student…
Building an arena is about more than just a building where a game is played. It’s about creating spaces and experiences for fans and athletes…
From state-of-the-art equipment to turf that provides space for sprinting on land to increase speed on ice, the weight room at Martire Family Arena is…
JLG Architects and The S/L/A/M Collaborative collaborated to complete the Martire Family Arena for Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Sacred Heart University (SHU) teamed up with JLG…
JLG might know hockey arena architecture, but Dave Starman and Shireen Saski know hockey broadcasting. And Dave had a ringing endorsement for the location of…
Put yourself in the skates of future Sacred Heart players, as Dave Starman and Shireen Saski take you to the conference room overlooking the ice…

Design for Life

Inside the JLG Sports studio, you’ll find your dream team – team players who design the places that bring people together. From sold-out concerts to hard-won championships, this is architecture that elevates the everyday, in professional, collegiate, and community sports venues. With a Design for Life approach, JLG turns ordinary spaces into extraordinary destinations with state-of-the-art technology, personalized experiences, and unlimited amenities. Our Sports studio is dedicated to immersive design of live sports and events – generating income while leveraging the power of community, team spirit, and unforgettable experiences.

Bringing the outdoors in at Ed Robson Arena

The opening of the Ed Robson Arena this month marked a significant milestone for Colorado College. This JLG Architects designed arena will be the hockey program’s first on-campus home and will serve as a new venue designed with its Colorado Springs surroundings in mind.

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