Investing in
our young professionals

There is no “I” in JLG, but there is a “We” in awesome

Building leadership
is in our DNA

In recognizing the soul (and future) of our company is in the hands of our young professionals, JLG created JLGdna – a totally unique training, mentorship, and social program for all of our emerging leaders. Within DNA, JLGers learn, develop, and grow in a collaborative program that supports and celebrates their individual strengths and dreams.

Early career architects

Be faster: The national average to become a licensed architect is 6.5 years. The JLG average is 3.7 years. How? By supporting you throughout all 3,740 hours of training with ​​monthly meetings.

Be better: Share your ideas and gather the invaluable perspective of fellow JLG architects. It’s a supportive, non-competitive environment that always has your back.

Be supported: You’ll participate in design charrettes and pin-ups to flex your design muscles and hear valuable input.

Be broader: “Vacationing” to JLG’s multiple locations and studio groups gains a deeper understanding of the Design for Life® approach and stronger team connections.

Be involved: Take part in volleyball teams, block parties, pumpkin carving contests, and more. It’s a nifty combination of corny to crazy good times.

Be kinder: Building stronger communities begins outside our front doors. We volunteer with local schools and organizations to support the people and places we call home.

Be our next great JLGer

We love what we do. We think you will too. Creating spaces that inspire, support, and connect communities is incredibly fulfilling. At JLG you’ll help us shape life-improving environments throughout the region, country, and world. We are thrilled to help you achieve your best by sharing our passion and knowledge. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you to join the next generation of leaders, innovators and improvers. 

Aspiring architects

Get Launched: Gather hands-on experience learning how spaces shape personal interactions, support functions, and build community. Inquire about JLG internships.

Get Awarded: JLG sponsors North Dakota State University’s architecture high-rise competition. We award cash to the top three significant design solutions provided by 4th-year students in the architecture and landscape architecture department.

Get Connected: Do you wonder if architecture is the right field for you? Shadow visits allow undeclared students to spend a few hours inside our office and talking to a JLG architect.

Get Informed: JLG invites NDSU Architecture students to tour Black Gold Headquarters (LEED Gold) and UND Gorecki Alumni Center (LEED Platinum). Both facilities help them understand how to incorporate innovative and low-cost sustainability design elements.

Embracing the Design for Life spirit

Joining JLG is making a promise to improve the world. Your work will shape the way communities gather, interact, thrive, and prosper. At JLG, you’ll learn to do this with our Design for Life approach. It helps us create elevated spaces by melding design, community, relationships, stewardship, and integrity.