Design for Life

People-first architecture

Empowering communities through exceptional design

At JLG, we strive for design solutions that uplift entire communities and make the everyday better; architecture that enables people to work healthier, learn faster, and play safer. Architecture that is responsible to a bottom line and a larger ideal — not only today — but for the lifecycle of each space. When created with purpose and aspiration, architecture becomes more than a building — it serves as the foundation for an improved life.

We believe in more than just buildings; we believe in COMMUNITY.

We know that it takes more than just bricks and mortar to build a community. It takes passionate local stewardship, progressive leaders, and resourceful designers who understand how to turn a small idea into a big future. We believe that you get back what you put in, and so our 190 JLGers continuously give their time, resources, and energy to improve our clients’, our neighbors’, and our families’ quality of life. Why is this important? Because we live here.

The majority of our work at JLG is for repeat owners and clients. Our clients count on us to do what’s right and make the best decisions on their behalf. We manage their money like it is our own. We set them up for the future by being reliable, accessible, and proactive. JLG builds lifelong relationships because we become partners in our clients’ plan for success.

We don’t build projects; we build RELATIONSHIPS.

We believe good DESIGN makes life better.

At our core, JLG lives and breathes design excellence; it counts — at every level and for every position. We balance innovative design with obsessive budget control to generate solutions that are as creative as they are practical. Function is the baseline; form is what lifts up the spirit; and innovation elevates the experience for our clients, their visitors, and the community as a whole. JLG’s clients have earned over 100 design awards in celebration of this commitment to bettering lives through architecture.

At JLG, we seek to do what has not been done. We do more than merely follow sustainable design certification systems like LEED. We raise the bar by going beyond – advancing comprehensive sustainability by addressing Human Experience, Positive Performance, and Financial Prosperity. We are explorers driven to discover, looking for new insights that support clients’ needs. We create solutions that meet clients’ goals while potentially lowering operating costs and providing flexible, resilient buildings that inspire and elevate people, improve lives, and last well into the next generation.

We plan for the STEWARDSHIP of our clients’ and our Earth’s resources.

We live our values; INTEGRITY and authenticity are our guideposts.

How we conduct ourselves in business and the way we approach projects is a reflection of the values on which we were raised. We do what we say, and we say what we do. We are proud of our roots and of being trustworthy, family-loving, down-to-earth people. For our clients, we embrace hard work and opportunity. We are dedicated to doing it the right way, always, to create value for the entire community.

See how Design for Life takes shape in our work