Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

Medora, North Dakota

JLG is the Architect-of-Record for the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library, which is to be located in the grasslands outside the Little Missouri River flood plain in Medora, North Dakota. This project strives to continue the legacy of Roosevelt and his pursuit and creation of conservation ideas that have shaped our country for the last 100 years. JLG will be working hand-in-hand with the internationally-renowned architecture and landscape architecture firm Snøhetta to develop a destination that will be a source of pride for North Dakota, reflecting the impact the state has had on the life and presidency of Roosevelt.

The Library will embrace sweeping views of the Little Missouri River, Elkhorn Ranch, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park – delicately carving out modern, sustainable architecture in the Badlands and riverbanks where thousands of settlers once crossed. Snøhetta and JLG are also working together to create a future design that will connect the Little Missouri River and the original train station that hosted Roosevelt on his frequent visits to the Old West frontier.

Completion Date


"JLG Architects provides a collaborative, clear structure to the large, complex Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library design team. Not only does JLG’s leadership establish a clear framework that allows the architectural and experience designers to focus on design solutions, they do so in a way that is open, friendly, and engaging."
– Matt McMahon, Project Director TRPL, Snøhetta