Harding Hall Renovation

South Dakota State University

If you are an alumni of South Dakota State University, you know Harding Hall as an academic building – but it was actually originally built in 1954 as a men’s residence hall. Harding Hall is now living its next life as the highly-functioning and modern home of the Economics Department.

In addition, South Dakota State University sets aside public art funds for every building project on their campus.  In the past, projects opted to translate these funds towards architectural features, such as terrazzo or signage.  The transformed Harding Hall – a former men’s dormitory turned into the new home of the Economics Department – just finished hanging the first-ever commissioned piece of art: an artistic expression of the celebration of South Dakota for prominent display in the building.

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"The purpose-designed facilities in Harding Hall provide the school a world-class teaching and learning environment enhancing SDSU's distinctive organization."
Dr. Eluned Jones, Professor & Head of the Department of Economics