Fargo Parks raise over $1.3 million in one day for sports complex build

(Fargo, ND) — The good news keeps on coming when it comes to the Fargo Park District’s largest project to date.

“On Giving Hearts Day, we saw around $1.3 million raised for the sports complex,” said Fargo Parks Project Manager Craig Bjur. “What helped was an anonymous donor agreed to match up to $1 million we received.”

The project includes building the Midwest’s biggest indoor walking track around a soccer field, while also including four hard courts for sports like basketball and volleyball. The building will also be home to the Fargo Parks District’s new offices.

“It truly is a massive project,” said Fargo Parks Executive Director Dave Leker on WDAY’s Bonnie and Friends. “Including the outside of the building and surrounding land, we’re looking at around 100 acres. The facilities, both inside and out, will have a footprint closer to 40 acres.”

Plans for the massive indoor/outdoor space are on track, with a groundbreaking tentatively set for the first week of May. The facility should be completed by Spring of 2024.