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Big & Bold in Bismarck

Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Model Expansion

In the wise words of Theodore Roosevelt, JLG’s Zach Mathern would call this model expansion, “hard work worth doing.”

As the proud Architect-of-Record for the upcoming Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library (TRPL) in Medora, ND, JLG relies on visualization strategies to communicate the design’s intent, and sometimes that means creating a massive physical model – a tangible, touchable display that really drives home the dynamic relationship of the Badlands site, landscape, boardwalk, visitor arrival, and building.

This model, created by Zach in our Bismarck, ND office, might just be the largest JLG has ever presented, sitting at a whopping 5 feet wide and 10 feet long! It’s big, it’s bold like TR, and it’s sweeping presence is designed to communicate the values and conservation ideas that helped shape the country we know today.

Fun Fact: TRPL’s stunning Badlands site near Medora was chosen for its ability to provide a powerful, world-class visitor experience unlike any other destination. This site actually intersects with the Maah Daah Hey Trail system, a bike trail and camping destination that showcases some of our country’s most unique and breathtaking terrain. Here, you’ll find majestic plateaus, jagged peaks and valleys, large expanses of rolling prairie, and intertwined riverscapes. In other words, this trail is your best excuse to buy a new bike!

Naturally, we happen to be in love with this building, thoughtfully designed alongside international Design Architect and Design Landscape Architect, Snøhetta, with landscape architects at Confluence, and JE Dunn Construction Group.

Fun Fact: After narrowing down the competition to all three of the world’s best architects, Snøhetta was unanimously chosen by the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation for the Library’s Design Architect role. The Library’s concept design was completed in August of 2021 with JLG, Confluence, and JE Dunn. In February of 2022, this team finished over six months of mapping out everything from exhibit spaces to spatial relationships and initial floorplans.

Once completed, T.R.’s Presidential Library will be an inclusive platform for embracing civic dialogue, thoughtful debate, and inspiration from around the globe. It will also be tons of fun – fusing advanced digital library technology with a dynamic destination for immersive storytelling and interactive adventures.

In short, this isn’t your typical library, and instead of getting shushed by librarians, you’ll be encouraged to participate in an epic journey. This is an opportunity to walk a mile in the audacious shoes of T.R. himself while enticing everyone to Dare Greatly, Think Boldly, Live Passionately, and Care Deeply.

TRPL Office: 350 Third Avenue | Medora, North Dakota 

Visit the website to learn more about the upcoming Presidential Library: Homepage – Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library (

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