Ward County could save more than $1 million on jail, courthouse projects

Project on budget

Ward County may save more than $1 million on the expansion of its county jail and renovation of its courthouse, when all is said and done.

Adolfson & Peterson and JLG Architects updated the County Commissioners Tuesday morning on the financing for the two projects.

The architects said that they were able to avoid dipping into contingency funds for both projects, which saved more than $775,000 for the courthouse project, and more than $540,000 for the jail.

“Grand total, between the two, courthouse and the jail, we’re looking at about 1.32 million of savings between the two projects that we can say spend on your alternates again, or they’re just savings in general,” said Eric Hoffer, with JLG Architects.

The jail and courthouse are two of the four parts of Ward County’s overhaul of its justice system, which also included the construction of the county administration building and expansion of the juvenile detention center.

The jail expansion will add 100 more cells to the jail and is slated to open next spring.