Williams County Highway Complex

Williston, North Dakota

The Williams County Highway Complex is an 80,000 SF facility designed by JLG for the collaboration of multiple departments for Williams County. The project allows the Highway Department, Weed Control, and Vector control to all be in one cohesive building and site with the ability to share common spaces. This complex consists of an office space, a training room and large meeting hall, conference rooms, crew rooms, lockers, labs, storage space, and a large shop and maintenance space.

JLG organized the building with a primary south orientation to maximize views, solar heat gain in the winter, and comfortable entrances. The facility is organized with a central ‘hub’ with the majority of offices, meeting spaces, and shop bays branching off the core. The design aesthetics focus on the longevity of materials, combining the industrial nature of the shops with an agricultural yet modern appeal that fit with the context and history of the site. With departments now unified, the Williams County Highway team can more easily collaborate and streamline their systems for maximum efficiency that will better serve the community of Williston.

Awards & Certifications

  • 2016 – AIA North Dakota: Merit Award

Completion Date


"Taking this building typology to a higher level than ever demonstrated before."
– Steve Tabor, President of ND AIA