Ward County Jail Expansion

Minot, North Dakota

For over a decade, Ward County was in dire need of a jail expansion that would meet the demands of Minot, ND’s increasing population. The existing 52-cell facility, built in 1981, had proven itself inadequate when facing the rapid population growth of western North Dakota. When JLG began working with Ward County in 2005, they had one primary goal; to provide more inmate holding cells to alleviate tremendous overcrowding. The 65,000 SF, five-story, addition and remodel added 100 new cells. Also included were new inmate recreation areas, public lobby/entrance, visitation areas, administrative offices, and inmate health services. The building also includes state-of-the-art security upgrades and technology that provide a safe and secure environment for inmates and staff. Precast concrete wall and structural systems, as well as prefabricated steel holding cells, were utilized to allow for a fast-tracked construction process. In nearly tripling its bed count, Ward County was also able to enhance its security and technology for a safer, more efficient facility for visitors, staff, and inmates. This project was completed in partnership with BWBR, Secure Environments Design Architect.


Completion Date


"The job was set up to succeed before a shovel hit the ground. We were ahead of schedule because of all of the great decisions made throughout the project by the entire team. JLG has been outstanding to work with."
– Brian Kunz, Adolfson+Peterson Construction