Valley City State University Campus Master Plan

Valley City, North Daktoa

Valley City State University worked with JLG in 2009 on a campus master plan and predesign study, and once again in 2021. The team circled back to review the campus’ overall needs and future plans – this time focused on their need to maintain and renovate the campus’ iconic and historic buildings. This review included a closer look at space utilization, energy usage, new construction, building removal, and deferred maintenance. To gauge VCSU’s current and future needs, JLG led nine strategic focus groups with a variety of student and faculty teams across campus. Within a collaborative setting, teams discussed the University’s educational growth, residence life, enrollment, and potential for renovations/new construction that could support future growth. These discussions took into account current fundraising for a new athletics practice and training facility that would address shortfalls of the current facilities. The final master plan provides an overview of the present conditions of facilities and programs at VCSU and defines the vision for their sustained growth and development. The master plan has provided a framework for future decisions regarding facilities, project funding, and development of project design.