UND Wilkerson Commons

Originally constructed in the 1960s as the first free standing dining specific facility at UND, Wilkerson Hall serves more than 3,500 students daily. It will continue to be a key hub in the campus layout, providing seating for just over 650 in the main dining area and also necessary student services for the surrounding residence halls. By reducing the large open mess hall seating areas and concentrating spaces in attractive pods and groupings, users now have choices that weren’t provided previously. A 20,900 square foot addition to the east and south expanded the footprint and allowed for the kitchen and serving areas to be updated.

The brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen contains central production for the campus, and the servery has become a much more attractive and user-friendly open area divided into “pods” of food types and cooking styles – all easily visible from all points in the dining space.

The lower level now acts as circulation to and from residence halls, contains a large open gaming/gathering, studying area, coffee bar, performance space, meeting rooms, residence life services, mail and package delivery, computer labs, and a convenience store. The new exterior has a much more modern look and feel, as public spaces have become easier to see from the outside and offer a much more open experience.

Designed in conjunction with associate firm, Solomon Cordwell Buenz.

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"The architect is commended for their skillful addition to an octagonal campus dining hall from the 1960's - not an easy assignment."
Kathy Achelpohl, Awards Jury