UND Neuroscience Research

University of North Dakota

The Neuroscience Research Center is designed to provide laboratory and office space for UND researchers engaged in the study of neurological disease and treatment. The building’s entry at the corner faces the main campus and strengthens the tie between the School of Medicine and the main campus. The organizing principle of the building is to satisfy the desire of staff to work within a collegial environment in which researchers from different disciplines can collaborate easily.

Eight laboratories are designed to provide a mix of dedicated and shared space to foster research and discovery. From the outside, the Center of Excellence appears as a series of brick masses separated by tall windows relating in size to the surrounding single-family residences. Future plans call for an underground connection to the existing School of Medicine. This project was completed in conjunction with HGA.

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"Of our 13 nationwide installations, the UND Cyclotron project is the only one delivered on time and on budget. It is our number one installation."
Al Brandenstein, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Office of National Drug Control