The Sport Boulevard Athletics District

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

JLG was commissioned by Coen+Partners Landscape Architects and Urban Planners for the new Riyadh mixed-use master plan. This linear park, located in the heart of Riyadh, is one long, urban strip that runs through the center of the City and is open to all visitors and residents. This idea of a public park is a new concept for the people of Saudi Arabia — an attempt to draw the public into the outdoors, to participate in recreational activities, and to take advantage of this green space in the middle of the desert.

JLG provided turf and hard-court sports fields for baseball; softball; soccer; tennis; volleyball; and table sports. These spaces are competition-level facilities and available for both competitive and recreational athletes and teams. Interwoven into this park are hotels, elevated rail lines, equestrian trails, landscaped green spaces, and mixed-used development – including retail, pedestrian pathways, public transportation, and water features. All these elements intertwine in a sustainable landscape that provides shade and a cool retreat for the people of Riyadh.

JLG continues construction documents for this project, scheduled for completion in 2024.