Roberts Street Chaplet

Fargo, North Dakota

The Chaplet was commissioned by an artist interested in creating a spiritual, meditative space where she would create a painting in response to the particular qualities of space and light. The elemental form of gable roof on a simple rectangle is intended as something between a small temple and a simple farm building such as a granary.

Steel post-and-beam construction, along with the gridded translucent plastic infill panels, give it a Japanese character. The 8’x12’ interior is experienced as three separate spaces: the entry, the painting alcove, and the seating alcove.

The diffuse light and exaggerated verticality create spaciousness in a small space.

chaplet fargo north dakota

"People need spaces to inspire them, comfort them, and bring them out of their daily lives and into a new way of thinking."
Marjorie Schlossman, Artist