Phillips Aquatics Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phillips Aquatics Center is the Minneapolis Park system’s first indoor swimming facility, designed to inclusively bring together a community of diverse cultures for the advancement of water safety. The facility is attached to the Community Center and helps all community members develop the ability to safely swim and enjoy the region’s many lakes and waterways through its Learn to Swim program. As part of this program, JLG designed a new warmer water, zero-depth, wheelchair-accessible pool with four lanes, in addition to a six-lane competition pool with an accessible chairlift for other program activities. Both pools share locker rooms, family changing rooms, spectator seating, and other amenities. New building systems were designed to meet MN B3 Sustainability Guidelines, and the pool systems utilize the latest energy conservation features. The addition and remodeling were completed in 2018 while keeping the existing Community Center in full operation. Today, Phillips Aquatics Center is an energy-efficient recreational hub that inclusively welcomes the community; teaching everyone to safely swim and love their land of over 10,000 lakes.

Photography by Silverman Be Remarkable.