Park Nicollet 5400 Excelsior Specialty Center

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Park Nicollet Specialty Center is the culmination of an extensive renovation, including the complete overhaul of an existing movie theater, two restaurants, and a salon. The outcome is a newly-branded urology and plastic surgery clinic, in addition to second-floor expansion space. The renovation of the clinic space sets the tone for healing and well-being with a natural color palette, biophilic elements, and carefully planned window placement that directs natural light into the public spaces. While the exterior was upgraded with new aluminum-framed windows, the interior is driven by simplified patient wayfinding with the addition of an elevator and communicating stairwell that readily prepares the clinic for future growth. The entire expanse was designed for flexibility, including exam rooms primarily constructed of demountable wall systems and modular casework for optimal adaptability. Due it its location in a busy restaurant and retail area of St. Louis Park, the team also paid close attention to traffic access routes, directional signage, and safety.