North Dakota State University

NDSU’s SGC (Stop and Go Center) building is a new category of housing managed by private developers who build student housing and lease space to a college or university. JLG worked closely with North Dakota State University (NDSU) and developers on the design of this mixed-use project, containing 27,500 SF of retail space, a campus bookstore, Stop and Go gas station, counseling offices, and café. The developer-run complex offers 75 student-leased apartment units and 75 underground parking spaces, with the entire building designed in a collegiate style that relates to the nearby NDSU campus. The apartment units leverage large expanses of windows, high ceilings, and exposed ductwork to appeal to prospective tenants, NDSU faculty, and NDSU students. To reduce the scale of this structure to fit the context of the surrounding neighborhood, the building is broken into two parts which are connected by a “bridge” on the upper levels, with two towers marking the corners. Overall, the project gives students another slightly off-campus residential option with all the convenient amenities of on-campus living. This project received a 2008 ND Ready-Mix Excellence in Concrete Award.

Awards & Certifications

  • 2008 – ND Ready-Mix: Excellence in Concrete
The SGC Center received a 2008 ND Ready-Mix Excellence in Concrete Award.