North Dakota State University Minard Hall

Fargo, North Dakota

As one of the Top 108 Public and Private Universities in the country, North Dakota State University (NDSU) continuously finds new ways to improve campus life. Built for $25,000 in 1902, NDSU’s Minard Hall is one of five buildings on campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When the University determined a need to expand to meet the needs of their students and faculty, JLG took care to pay homage to the historic nature of the building while providing an updated, modern structure that allows it to serve NDSU well into the future. JLG’s addition completely remodeled the four-story facility, executing improvements to the building envelope and upgrades to the heating, ventilation, cooling, and electrical systems. With major additions to the west and north side, JLG provided improved general classrooms, breakout rooms, auditoriums and gathering spaces. Today, NDSU’s Minard Hall demonstrates historic preservation with enhanced collaboration, building efficiency, productivity, and overall comfort.