Minot Park District Recreation Masterplan

Minot, North Dakota

Working with Minot Park District to develop a 2022 masterplan, JLG proposed recreation improvements that will help expand its programs and enhance downtown’s multi-generational appeal. To create a comprehensive masterplan, JLG guided an outline of the City’s specific recreation needs, potential locations, budget, and timeline. Considering user group, stakeholder, and citizen involvement crucial when defining needs, the masterplan was aligned with community feedback and future growth, providing renderings and virtual visualization tools that gave everyone a more educated understanding. The team also led a series of surveys, stakeholder meetings, and targeted partnership meetings, pinpointing existing spaces able to be renovated in phases to suit the expanded programs. The masterplan reimagines the MAYSA complex and the Minot Municipal Auditorium with both becoming more integral centers for community recreation. The auditorium is planned as the primary indoor court space with a four-court gymnasium addition and a main auditorium for seasonal flexibility. The MAYSA is planning for a facility to support the growing need for turf, recreation, and an additional ice sheet. The phased plan explores how Minot Park District can elevate their offerings and strengthen the downtown community with more immediate access to health, wellness, and fun. Post-masterplan, Minot Park District is exploring the outlined priorities, along with other Parks initiatives to determine when the renovation and expansion projects could move forward.