Xtream Arena

Coralville, Iowa

JLG led the design of Coralville’s 5,000-seat Xtream Arena, creating an extraordinary sport and event venue with a five-court fieldhouse, antique car museum, retail, offices, and adjacent hotel. The Arena is the core attraction and final tenant of the development’s 185-acre master plan while serving as the home to the University of Iowa Volleyball and the Iowa Heartlanders ECHL hockey team. With the Arena and fieldhouse under the same roof, the facility is capable of hosting extra-large events and multi-sport tournaments, taking advantage of both spaces to maximize court space and scheduling. JLG’s design ensured that each space would be completely independent, allowing a 6,600-seat concert in the main arena while simultaneously hosting a basketball tournament in the 30,000 SF fieldhouse. To optimize operations, the Arena integrates sustainable building practices, demonstrated by a green roof water filtration system and efficient ice system that recaptures waste heat for use in the HVAC system. The Xtream Arena illuminates the City and surrounding development with a broad spectrum of programs designed to fulfill an economic development void — jump-starting revenue, entertainment, and community engagement.


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"Anytime we can get a new demand generator like this brought into the market, it's a really good thing."
– Josh Schamberger