Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant

Grand Forks, North Dakota

After years of repairs following the flood of ’97, Grand Forks plant and city administrators were ready to relocate, rebuild, and integrate a cleaner and more efficient hybrid water treatment system. Instead of traditional, windowless industrial park design, Grand Forks seized the opportunity to create a 216,000 SF beacon that would enhance the work-life culture of plant operators while celebrating sustainable innovation. The new design provided a day-lit, amenity-driven 24/7 work environment, educational tours, and a foundation for future, flood-proof expansion. With a focus on employee wellness, natural light, resource stewardship, and public education, Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant has set a higher standard in industrial park design, providing the community with cleaner water and innovation that will support the City’s future growth.

Awards & Certifications

  • 2020: Sherwin-Williams Water and Wastewater Impact Award

Completion Date


"This is the biggest construction project in the history of our community."
– Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown (former)