Grand Forks Public Library

Grand Forks, North Dakota

After serving the community for over four decades, the Grand Forks Public Library was overwhelmed by increasing circulation, unanticipated technology needs, and aging facilities. JLG worked with the 1971 Library to evaluate existing maintenance needs, ADA compliance issues, and upgrades required to keep the Library functioning and meeting its long-term needs. After exploring accessibility, architectural features, mechanical, fire protection, electrical, telecommunications, and specialized systems, the team developed a comprehensive plan that reflected their motto as a “playground for curious minds.” Bringing a sense of adventure to the Library, JLG helped them implement an indoor children’s slide connected from the second level, swing chairs, and strategic placement of zones to encourage a variety of activities and learning modes. By providing solutions for modernized technology, outdated interiors, and interactive learning, Grand Forks Public Library has become an exciting destination and educational epicenter for the entire community.

Completion Date

2020, 2023

“It’s so much fun. I had to make myself go back into my office and work, because people were so excited to be here. All of us (staff) have done it at some time or another.”
– Wendy Wendt, Director