Grand Forks Public Safety Center

Grand Forks, North Dakota

The Grand Forks Public Safety Training Center is a multi-faceted facility that combines three public agencies: Police, Firefighting, and Mosquito Control. In working with JLG, the Center was master-planned to expand into a full police and fire station, including a 27-acre training center. The Center is now home to a burn building, training tower, firing range, canine training, confined space and trench rescue training, and a driver training course. For efficient use of space, each of the agencies share a common training and administration center, helping the project come in under budget and without design-related change orders. This area features two state-of-the-art video training conference rooms that can extend into the break area to create one large meeting room seating over 100. With more efficient spatial planning, Grand Forks has optimized their public safety services to provide top-tier training environments for top-tier community protection.