Gateway to Science Learning Center

Bismarck, North Dakota

The Gateway to Science Museum is a bold vision for the exploration of hands-on science and a state-of-the-art learning environment, resulting in a one-of-a-kind destination for the state of North Dakota. Designed by a national architect and interpretive designer, in collaboration with JLG as Architect of Record, the building is sited on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River Valley. The footprint of the building follows the bluff edge, engaging the building as an element within the landscape. Views out of the building have been carefully considered to maximize the ability to engage the Missouri River Corridor while still controlling light within the main learning center. The learning center is focused on teaching the technologies and science intertwined with the State of North Dakota, including energy technologies, transportation, agriculture, and health care. Much of the structure within the facility is intended to be left exposed, allowing the building itself to be an exhibit.

Completion Date


"I can say that Josh and the entire team at JLG truly care for our success and have fostered friendships with our staff, board members and volunteers that will last well beyond our grand opening."
– Beth Demke, Executive Director