Gage Brothers

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Gage Brothers has built a reputation for producing high-quality precast concrete products for projects throughout the Midwest. Since opening in 1915, the company has become a national leader in specialized finishes by developing innovative casting and finishing techniques. Taking pride in the quality of their product and the expertise of their employees, the company has recently restructured into an ESOP, further demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Commensurate with their dedication to the industry, Gage Brothers is committed to rethinking the processes and future of precast manufacturing – not only manufacturing more efficiently but also creating a safe and clean work environment for their employee-owners. The result is a streamlined production system from raw to finished product within a single 214,000 SF precast plant. JLG and Gage Brothers successfully developed a design incorporating multiple bays of manufacturing lines, high-tech concrete delivery systems, finishing bays, employee break spaces, locker rooms, meeting rooms, and offices. The new facility features energy-efficient natural daylighting throughout, which contributes to increased employee wellness and productivity. JLG helped Gage Brothers carry out a vision of efficient processes and workspaces that foster productivity, helping them remain on the cutting edge of the nation’s precast manufacturing industry.