Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink

Greenwich, Connecticut

The Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink started out as an outdoor rink when it was first built in 1971, over the years it became enclosed and renovated multiple times, creating a claustrophobic experience that no longer meets code regulations or the community’s expectations. The new Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink will bring the facility back to its roots – three walls of glass will wrap the rink which has seating completely around the ice, creating an inclusive atmosphere where skaters and fans can enjoy total access to the rink while looking out to see the green landscape of the park and neighborhoods beyond. The design also allows everyone visiting the park views into the building – with the constant activities being on display the rink will bring new life to the park. At night, the light from within will glow on the natural landscape of the park and the exterior deck features a recessed fire pit for all to enjoy, staying warm while watching the activities going on indoors.

Completion Date

2020: Concept Design