BSC Communications and Creative Arts Center

Bismarck State College

The Communications and Creative Arts Center is intended to be a state-of-the-art facility which brings will become the new educational hub for the campus. After evaluation of the initial Pre Design Study and proposed building location, the quantity of primary utilities that would require relocation/removal in order to create a buildable site were determined to be unacceptable to the BSC Leadership team. Together with the design team, multiple locations were evaluated and the recommended site location on the SE corner of Schafer Drive and Edwards Drive was selected.

The proximity to both Schafer Hall and Jack Science Center were identified as critical connections, and the location allows for a potential Arts Courtyard area which would be shelter from the prevailing NW winds and a backdrop provided by the existing buildings helped shape this highly visible area of the campus.

The 40,000 s.f. facility will be a 3 level building, with access to the lower level coming from the intersection of Schafer Ave & Edwards Ave, and access to the 2nd floor having at-grade access from Schafer Hall and a skyway link to Jack Science Center. The first floor will be home to the Learning Commons spaces, which will house portions of the existing library stacks and archive spaces, and a large open reading area that will be the educational gathering spaces. The second level will consist of additional classroom spaces, arts gallery, faculty offices, and the Ceramics studio adjacent to the loading area. The third level will consist of the Visual Arts department spaces, faculty offices, and additional classrooms.

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"Students come into the building every day with smiles on their faces. It has created a whole new energy on campus."
President Dr. Larry Skogen