Augustana University Midco Arena

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

JLG recently won the competition for the new Augustana hockey sports facility after the University had expanded its athletic program to include a new D1 hockey team. This state-of-the-art hockey facility will house a 3,000-seat arena that will include suites, a premium club, a multi-use classroom, a retail team store, offices for the athletics department, and a large 2 story strength training facility to serve all of AU’s student athletes. In addition, the facility will provide an auxiliary ice sheet that will serve as a practice ice rink for the team and a community rink to serve the student population and the general public. Located on campus, the new facility is viewed as a gateway to the campus and athletic district. The main entry of the arena will feature an external event plaza that is paved and landscaped, providing a pre and post-game event space. JLG is nearly complete with project documentation and the arena has an expected opening of Fall 2023. 


A sneak peek at the Midco Arena