Milestone Health Partners celebrate new space with a Grand Opening

The trio of providers participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Williston Chamber of Commerce

Milestone Health Partners celebrated the Grand Opening of their new facility on Sept. 30 and are excited to offer assistance to the Williston community to help individuals meet their life milestones.

Native Willistonites, Dr. Amanda Erickson, PT, DPT Physical Therapy and Dr. Alyssa Suess, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Behavioral Health and Dr. Lindy Kirby, PT, DPT, will be offering physical therapy services, occupational therapies, and behavioral health services at their new facility located at 1905 14 Street West.

The Grand Opening celebration included tours of the facility, food and drinks, face painting and giveaways for those in attendance.

“It has been a long year and a half to get to this point,” Suess said. “We wanted to establish a practice that had comprehensive care offering a multidisciplinary approach across the lifespan.”

Suess said that when they opened Milestone Health Partners in May 2021 in their original downtown location, they all knew they’d outgrow the space quickly. In February, Suess said the team began thinking about a new building plan. Suess said they want to bring in speech therapy at some point in the new future, so they had to factor that into their plans.

Erickson showcased the new facility’s pediatric gym and explained that it will be used for sensory therapies and occupational therapy.

“I really like the birth to three population, so I see a lot of babies to work on gross motor development,” Erickson said.

Kirby said the adolescent to adult gym will be for orthopedic problems such as sports injuries, post-op knee replacements, post-surgical, post-stroke and includes an area to work on balance issues. All three providers said that they feel they have been able to find a balance in offerings in the adult gym.

“We’ve been able to create a very inclusive place where both our pediatric and adult population will feel comfortable,” Kirby said. “We don’t have something for adults where kids don’t feel welcome, but then we also don’t have something where it feels very childlike.”

Williston Mayor Howard Klug attended the Grand Opening and said he has always talked about Williston being a regional medical center with several types of facilities.

“This is just another piece of the pie. It’s beautiful,” Mayor Klug said. “It’s well needed. The thought put behind this… and local people put it together. That means all the things in the world because they’re not going anywhere.”

Suess said the therapists’ work stations have been engineered to offer an area for group collaboration between therapists.

“The therapists’ work stations offer an area to talk with each other if they share patients to ensure their patient is getting a well-rounded care plan,” Suess said.

The trio of providers shared that they had all at one point left Williston for graduate school but decided to return to raise their families in this area.

“We have each been practicing for about seven to nine years in Williston at local therapy places in town and then we all decided to join forces together and operate together to have a multidisciplinary approach of health care across the lifespan,” Suess said.