JLG has purchased verified North Dakota and South Dakota carbon offset credits

JLG has purchased verified North Dakota and South Dakota carbon offset credits to offset the firm’s 2020 office energy use and business travel-related carbon emissions.  This investment has provided renewable energy and economic stimulus to the region.

By becoming a carbon neutral organization, we are living our core values of design, community, relationships, stewardship and integrity,” said Patrick Thibaudeau, Principal Sustainability Officer.  “It is part of our fully integrated design approach which includes addressing carbon emissions, because becoming carbon neutral has more impact that just reducing energy.  It is important because it directly impacts cleaner air, responsible resource use,  impacting health and wellness, helping communities thrive by raising the social equity bar.

In 2020, JLG signed the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Carbon Neutral Commitment, with a goal to achieve design outcomes that reduce energy use and avoid fossil fuel energy sources for buildings by the year 2030.  JLG has reported over 400 projects for energy and carbon emission reduction.

In 2021, JLG completed a carbon footprint analysis (see chart), using the information to make internal changes, as well as purchase verified offset credits from renewable energy projects through Prairie Winds Emissions Reduction in North Dakota and Crow Lake Emissions Reduction Project in South Dakota.  Owned and operated by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, the Prairie Winds Emissions Reduction has been the largest undertaking by an electrical power cooperative in the United States.  The Crow Lake Emissions program, partnered with Mitchell Technical College in Mitchell, South Dakota, offers hands-on education in Wind Turbine Technology as part of the College’s new wind technology curriculum, which is intended to provide additional career opportunities to local residents.

Resources: www.Architecture2030.org

PrairieWinds ND1 (PWND1) Emissions Reduction Project VCS ND located near Minot, North Dakota https://registry.verra.org/app/projectDetail/VCS/740

Crow Lake Wind Emissions Project, VCS (VERRA) certified SD https://registry.verra.org/app/projectDetail/VCS/756