Heart of America Medical Center on its relocation progress

McClintock said they want to be here for the long term and flourish.

RUGBY, N.D. (KMOT) – The Heart of America Medical Center has renderings for its new hospital hanging on its walls. Marketing and Human Resource Specialist Lauren McClintock said they’re continuing to hire, but the hospital building is downsizing.

”We have to walk around quite a bit just to get from one place to the other, so to have us all kind of connected more, it’s just going to make it a lot easier to get things done,” said McClintock.

The new facility, where they broke ground in April of 2023, isn’t too far away. Daniel Lukens, the project engineer for JE Dunn, said they wanted the structure enclosed before the chill.

“We’re able to really expedite the outside and help us get enclosed and watertight, and then try to bring in the finishing material and try to build out the interior a little faster,” said Lukens.

He said they’re on schedule. The hospital will transfer clinic, surgical and emergency room services. McClintock said the staff is excited about the move.

”Radiology is going to be getting new equipment, our surgical department is going to be a lot more efficient,” said McClintock.

Lukens refers to the main hallway and lobby area as Main Street. He said providers will be able to escort patients easily to where they need to go. Not too far from where patients check in, they will have a fireplace and natural lighting. Lukens said his family lives in town, so it feels special to work on this.

”I know that the community has a lot of buy-in from this. They went through an immense amount of effort just to get us to the point of starting,” said Lukens.

McClintock said they want to be here for the long term and flourish.

”It was a huge community effort. I guess I can’t remember the exact amounts, but it was quite a bit to see from a small, rural town,” said McClintock.

The newer facility will be one level. The Heart of America Medical Center is scheduled to move in October this year.