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There are so many opportunities around each corner, I love the freedom that I have to shape my own future.
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Why Work at JLG

We hire the best because we want to work with the best

Every day at JLG is a new day for creating, inspiring and solving challenges. Everyone – from our Intern Designers to our Production Leader to our Marketing staff – is a part of the process, and we work closely together because we are inspired by one another. Because of this, if you look at the head of any graduating class, you will find a JLGer. Or if you know someone with fire in their belly and fun in their heart? Probably a JLGer.

What We Offer

In addition to all of this other great stuff

Profit sharing
Ownership opportunities
Flex time and summer hours

The culture of JLG is one that allows you to ask questions and learn how to do things the right way. JLG is a great group of people that focus on a common goal of creating a positive company environment.

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