The Art of Rendering: 6 Soon-To-Be-Built Projects by World-Renowned Architecture Firms

Renderings of upcoming projects by firms such as Adjaye Associates, MVRDV and Foster + Partners have us excitedly anticipating the real thing.

Drawing in architecture takes many forms. Sketching and illustration are excellent tools for idea forming and concept development, while using CAD for spatial planning is fundamental during the design process. Yet, above all others, one branch of architectural methodology has developed rapidly over the last two decades, with swathes of new businesses offering their services springing to life each month. As rendering technology has improved, becoming increasingly user-friendly, cost-effective and efficient, working with 3D modeling software has become a key pillar of standard practice. Furthermore, the art of translating these models into compelling architectural drawings — known as 3D rendering — has not only cemented itself as a core stage in many firms’ design workflow but has also become a standalone industry in its own right.

Indeed, 3D architectural rendering has gone beyond the boundaries of design development and has become a marketing tool for the industry like no other. These details images can tell stories and are used for pitches and proposals to drum up excitement and investment. Once a scale model that took considerable time to make was the only way to represent a site proposal, and a single illustration was the only “sneak peek” of a project. Today we can explore entire proposals, concepts and ideas using walk-throughs and visual representations of every nook and cranny — try before you buy for the modern era.

Here are six exciting projects whose 3D architectural renderings have us excitedly waiting for the real thing. [excerpted to project #4]

Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

By JLG Architects and Snøhetta, Medora, ND, United States

A challenge was set for the design of the much-anticipated Library of the 26th President of the United States: “Build an awe-inspiring, architecturally significant destination that works with, not against, nature.” Of all the competitors, JLG was chosen to work hand-in-hand with Snøhetta to develop a destination that strives to continue the legacy of Roosevelt and his pursuit and creation of conservation ideas that have shaped the country.

The Library utilizes the sweeping views of the Little Missouri River, Elkhorn Ranch, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, delicately carving out modern, sustainable architecture in the Badlands and riverbanks. The project aims to protect and nourish the land on which it will be built while encouraging education and conservation for many years.