Starion Sports Complex’s first year

This is a wonderful facility and we couldn't ask for anything better

The Starion Sports Complex in Mandan was finished in September of 2017 and the city is looking back at its first year in service.

Mandan’s hockey teams are one of the main groups benefiting from the new facility.

“It’s been really nice over the last few years. We spent our whole lives in the old barn and it was sad to see it go, but this is a wonderful facility and we couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Josh Clark, Mandan hockey player.

Mandan hosted only one tournament a season in the old rink, this year they’re planning seven.

“It’s awesome to see the amount of kids we get coming in and out of here. Every weekend this place is packed, and we never got to see that at the old rink just because of the facilities we had, so it’s definitely awesome for the program,” said Clark.

It’s also brought in bigger crowds for local football games and increased gymnastics enrollment.

“As far as facility goes, it flows really nice. Parking has a few issues during big events, but as far as the normal events we have enough parking out there. It’s gone really well,” said Dave Frueh, facility manager.

Staff hopes to keep expanding use of the facility for years to come.

The $22 million facility is being paid for out of Mandan’s sales taxes. Revenue from the facility goes towards its operating costs.