South Main Fire Station starting to take shape

"The building is right on schedule"

Contractors have been busy this week putting up walls at the South Main Fire Station. Work on the project at Main Avenue South and 26th Street South started earlier this summer under the direction of Clark Drew Construction.

The station will cost the city about $1.5 million and will include a display area for an antique fire truck. The new station will help the department respond to fire calls and improve response times as the city continues its growth to the south.

It will have four bays for vehicles, and the taller ceilings will allow for in-house maintenance, some of which previously had to be put off until summer when it could be done outside. The new facility is being built on the east part of the land, leaving room for future expansion.

“The building is right on schedule,” said Pete Bolzer, deputy fire chief for the Brookings Fire Department.

“They started setting the precast panels. After that, they will set the metal bar joists in,” he said. “Then it will become a building shell; probably within the next couple of weeks they’ll finish that.”

The South Main Fire Station will give Brookings four fire stations. The other three are on Sixth Street, 22nd Avenue and Third Avenue. The one on 32nd Street South will be decommissioned and will be used as an indoor training facility.