Sanford celebrates new West Fargo Clinic

New care options are now open to families in West Fargo

New care options are now open to families in West Fargo.
Sanford celebrated its new location with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony.

The West Fargo clinic replaces the old location that was right next door. It was demolished the beginning of September but residences say it was a staple of the community for decades.

The new facility offers two more family medicine and OBGYN exam rooms, as well as nine new pediatric exam room, two procedure rooms, a much larger ultrasound lab and imaging area, along with a new community education room.

Sanford’s Operations Vice President Susan Jarvis says the space was built from the ground up to be more efficient.

The new clinic uses technology that Sanford has utilized in a few other locations. Upon check-in each guest receives a location tag. This tag allows guest to sell-room or allows guest to according to Jarvis to not wait, and go straight to the room.

“We started this a few years ago at the Moorhead clinic and patients just feel like it’s seamless and they’re in and out a lot more quickly,” said Jarvis.