Williams County Administration Building

Williston, North Dakota

The goal of the project is to provide much needed administrative space with the purchase and addition to the old MDU building (20,000 SF). In addition to revamping the old MDU building and a three story addition (28,896 SF), the project is also focused to connect the Williams County Buildings downtown to create a true ‘campus’ feel. This added office space also is paralleled by the need to add more courtrooms to the original Williams County Courthouse that is across the street. The Courthouse 10,000 SF renovation project will add several courtrooms and improve efficiency by the relocation of Municipal Court and the Court Clerks to the main level.

For the exterior of the new administrative building expansion, the design intent is to draw from the architectural character of the Courthouse, particularly with the strong vertical limestone fin elements over the main entrance. Although in a different style, vertical fins are also featured on the old MDU building across the street, and are clad in a red brick. The use of these materials, in addition to creating a consistent base with use of brick, metal panel or stone, will give these buildings distinct, yet unified architecture.

While JLG is designing on the new Administrative Building and Courthouse Renovation, Klein McCarthy is designing the new Law Enforcement Center expansion. The two firms have coordinated their efforts to further enhance and expand the downtown campus to bring more character and vibrancy to the heart of the City.

"This is the culmination of a lot of hard work, vision and planning by a lot of people, to handle not just the issues of today, but the future"
Josh Rustad