Watford City Elementary School

Watford City, North Dakota

Watford City’s new 87,000 SF elementary school is designed around the PLC model, with each grade clustered around a learning commons. This encourages a collaborative learning environment for students. The school is designed to be done in phases as the district grows. Phase one will be to fit up the entire first floor, with two grades sharing a learning commons. The central area of 2nd floor (media center, band room and SPED) will be fit up as well during phase one.

Phase two will be fit up the remaining space on 2nd floor. The school includes a gymnasium, music and band classrooms, and a focused area for SPED.  Located on the north side of Watford City, ND the site offers up breathtaking views to the south, a view which is captured from inside the building.

classroom collaboration gymnasium learning commons school watford city

The new Watford City Elementary School is being paid for via a bond referendum, which passed with 80.3% of the votes.