Vinyl Taco

Fargo, North Dakota

If you’re looking for a recipe for instant success, look no further than Vinyl Taco. The result of a business partnership made up of three dreamers and entrepreneurs who mixed up their love of travel with a deep appreciation cool buildings to bring delicious, authentic fresh Mexican street food to the North.

Vinyl Taco is located in Downtown Fargo – an area proud to be “North of Normal” – in a small building that was structurally restored to pay homage to its historic roots so as to open the door to an unique and contemporary vibe for a one-of-a-kind eating experience.

The restaurant’s quirky décor features carefully-selected art from around the world, authentic Bevadors, and a vintage record spinning at all times. Outside, overhead garage doors entice the interior space to flow out onto the sidewalk scape.

fargo north dakota restaurant

The restaurant's quirky decor only adds to the ultra hip ambiance of the restaurant as vinyl records are continually played throughout the restaurant.