Village on the River

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

JLG and the City of Sioux Falls are reimagining the standard parking garage to create a visually-striking, people-focused Live-Work-Play center in downtown Sioux Falls. Village on the River replaces a standard surface parking lot with a totally new and fresh public-private development for downtown to further enhance the vibrant downtown Sioux Falls streetscape.

The solution is a win-win for the City, the private developer, and the community: Village on the River will create 525 new parking spots on a high-demand surface lot that currently only holds 135, and by involving a private developer, the City will receive significant tax revenue that was not available on the surface lot. However, the parking literally takes a back seat to retail, restaurants, and offices, which front 10th street and hide the parking ramp tucked behind. A new hotel sits atop these services, and will make Village on the River the tallest building in Sioux Falls.

commercial development mixed-use parking sioux falls south dakota

"...40 percent of this is public, 60 percent is private, but 100 percent of this is for the community. Sioux Falls is going to continue to benefit from this project for many years ahead."
Council Chairman Rick Kiley, Sioux Falls