UND Flight Operations

Grand Forks, North Dakota

The Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences developed a comprehensive expansion plan at Grand Forks International Airport in 1986 revolving around existing facilities already in place including two storage hangars and the Candor Hangar. The Master Plan for expansion connected these facilities to an additional six buildings and skywalk, provided parking and expanded aircraft ramp facilities.

Phase 1 converted the Candor Building to the Flight Operations Center. Phase 2 added a new storage hangar. Phase 3 added the aircraft maintenance facility. Phase 4 added the five story office building connecting to both the Operations Center (by skywalk) and the phase 1 storage hangar. Phase 4 completed the plan with the maintenance shops and offices, wash hangar and one additional storage hangar.

aerospace hanger UND university

The John D. Odegard school is continually expanding their curriculum and facilities to meet the needs of students.