Trinity Youth Camp

Rolia, North Dakota

Trinity Youth Camp’s mission is to bring children of our Catholic faith together to enkindle within them the fire and love of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a natural camp environment, where they are accepted as they are, formed in our faith, and encouraged to further unfold the mystery of God.

Lacking a permanent home, JLG Architects prepared a preliminary concept illustration for Trinity Youth Camp to use as they work to share their vision and embark on a fundraising campaign for their new location.

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Trinity Youth Camp reduced building square footage by planning for flexibility and maximizing space utilization. The form of the building will have various inspirations, but will never be something it is not – careful thought about the functions that happen within, how the interior connects the world outside, how spaces need to relate and connect to each other, and how it will be perceived by all the senses – will form the building naturally. The building will ‘tell the truth.’