Toasted Frog

Fargo and Grand Forks, ND

From a big idea to a big name, the Toasted Frog has grown from a back-of-a-napkin sketch into a multi-location dining experience that has been featured on The Food Network and the Travel Channel.

In Fargo, the Toasted Frog activates a ground-level space on the main street in downtown, filling in a critical piece of infrastructure with a fun dining and lounge environment focused on great food and wonderful conversation.  The siting of the interior spaces allows diners and guests to engage with the bustling nature of Broadway, while inviting those passing by to be a part of the energy inside.  A portion of the kitchen is exposed to provide a seamless overlap between the chef and the guests, and the historic building is celebrated through the use of fresh and contemporary wood detailing.

In Grand Forks, the Toasted Frog sits prominently on the main floor of the historic Mercantile Exchange in the heart of downtown.  The restaurant seats 100 in the main dining space, two bars, and back meeting room.  The remodeling carefully preserves the building’s interior face brick, wood floors, and heavy timber framing to create an intimate character.  The location features handpainted decorative walls and a copper-plated wood fire burning oven.

dining downtown Grand Forks restaurant