The Nest Hotel

Rapid City, South Dakota

Tom and Markie love Rapid City, which is why they completely renovated The Castle Inn – which re-opened as The Nest Hotel in a nod to a small, safe, and cozy home – to kick off an entire neighborhood revitalization to recapture the vibrancy of the area.  Located on the East North Street corridor, the street and many of its businesses had fallen into disrepair, with many of the hotels turning into low-income weekly rentals.

Tom and Markie reimagined The Nest as a seasonal boutique hotel, with rooms renting for $125 to $175 on non-holiday, non-weekend nights.  The Nest features 19 modern rooms and two clever suites in a hyper-local landing spot for the city’s visitors – which has been so popular that it sparked a $20M reconstruction of the road surface alongside it, as well as a new lifestyle convenience store nearby.

community hotel rapid city renovation south dakota

The Nest features the complete remodel of a 19-room / 2-suite motel into a hyper-local landing spot for our city's visitors.