The Garage

Rapid City, South Dakota

Flexibility and productivity were the goals of Rapid City’s first co-working space’s developer. The building to be developed was a historic property known as the Motor Service Company. Originally built in 1929, the Motor Service Company had a western art-deco showroom and a large garage for servicing cars.

The showroom has been renovated to house two private office spaces, occupied by local and regional non-profits. The high-bay garage has been transformed into “The Garage – Rapid City, a co-working space.” Primarily used during normal business hours, The Garage (as it is known) offers a variety of workspaces, from a series of private and semi-private offices to a shared conference room to a variety of shared work stations. During off-peak hours, the building’s owners love to reconfigure the space to host a diverse range of events, from a monthly lecture series to exclusive film screenings and concerts to yoga classes.

The Garage serves its traditional tenants with spaces in which to be productive and creative – tenants range from IT experts to award-winning graphic designers. At the same time, the former service center with a barrel-vaulted ceiling is flexible enough to house any of the owner’s crazy event ideas.

historic rapid city south dakota workspace

The Garage is the first co-working space in the region. The business is aptly named, as it inhabits the mechanic’s garage in a historic car dealership.