TAT Admin Building Concept design

New Town, North Dakota

The Three Affiliated Tribes (TAT) office building will function as a new Tribal Government and Community Center. It’s placed on an grass bluff with spectacular views of Lake Sakakawea near New Town, ND. A large glass concourse symbolizing the circle of life contains a gallery telling the historic story of the tribes and connects the administration building with the tribal council chamber. The tower and chamber are located at the cardinal directions of West and South with the main entrance facing East, symbolizing the new day with the rising sun.

The circular concourse rises out of the earth and returns back to earth symbolizing the cycle of life, their connection to earth and the origins of their Tribal ancestors. Mythology of their creation states that their ancestors once lived underground and emerged from the Earth near the Missouri river. When they die they rejoin their relatives underground. The council chamber with its circular plan and battered walls is a modern interpretation of their original vernacular architecture of earthen lodges. The towers structure expresses the diamond patterns prevalent in much of their art and fabrics.

concept design TAT

Designed to represent the circle of life and the Tribal connection to the earth, the circular concourse rises out of the earth and returns back.