Pioneer Homes Senior Apartments

Hazen, North Dakota

Hazen Community Development wants to bring new life to a prominent, if long dormant, corner of their city. The site at the edge of downtown was home to the original Hazen Memorial Hospital built in 1946. When a new medical center was built in 1970, the building was remodeled for extended care. The building later served as a retirement home, but was eventually abandoned and sat empty for a generation.

By 2015, Hazen was experiencing a serious housing shortage that put the elderly population at risk. The former hospital location was ideal for a new, age-restricted apartment building that offers safe, stable housing in a volatile market. Rechristened as Pioneer Homes Apartments, the expanded facility opened in 2017 with 18 dwellings.

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"Through the development of Hazen Pioneer Apartments, we are addressing three community goals - improvement of our Main Street, retention of our senior population and more housing options for the workforce."
Buster Langowski, Hazen Community Development executive director