Phoenix Parkside

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Phoenix Park Neighborhood revitalizes what was formerly the dilapidated North Barstow District, and has set the stage for a much-anticipated, large-scale downtown upgrade in a popular area known for its outdoor riverside concerts, bike trails, and Farmer’s Market. The building includes 33 one-and two-bedroom apartments units with first floor retail and underground parking that frees on-street parking for shoppers. Designed in collaboration with Lander Design Group, the structure keeps with the neighborhood’s historic fabric, but still feels fresh and modern. All of the units feature the over-sized windows, high ceilings, and modern finishes that define loft living, and most apartments will have outdoors space – some with incredible river views.

Environmentally friendly building materials and methods appeal to the younger, energy-conscious market attracted to urban living centers. The development provides access to trails and bus stops, bicycle parking, water-efficient plumping fixtures and landscaping, low-VOC paints/adhesives/sealants, energy-efficient windows and increased insulation to improve energy performance; the use of durable materials and a carefully-considered and well-executed design will ensure that this building is a fixture for years to come.

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The Phoenix Parkside Development received a 2009 DECI Development of the Year Award.