Phoenix Barstow Pharmacy

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

JLG was commissioned in 2006 to complete the detailed redevelopment master plan of a two-block area at the convergence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers in Eau Claire, WI. This first phase of a six-block redevelopment area is prominently located along a major City connector – Madison Street – and a gateway to downtown – Barstow Street, and earned “Development of the Year” honors in 2009.

The Barstow Building was the first project on the site to be executed and houses a number of retail stores on first floor. Working collaboratively with the Lander Group, the exterior design features materials and proportions that tie seamlessly to the two existing structures on the northeast corner of the site and set the tone for the remainder of the development.

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In 2009, this project was awarded with the Downtown Eau Claire, Development of the Year.